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Gurdwara Nanaksar Kaleran Live

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Object Of Kirtan

Kirtan is not performed to make Gurbani pleasing and palatable. The Gurus were very clear about its objective. They warned the listeners not to confuse it with other types of music or deem it as a mode of entertainment. The Guru has pronounced that Kirtan is the magical formula to keep the human soul afloat in the dark era of Kaljug provided the devotee sings the pure melodies with his or her heart closely focused on the meaning and true spirit of the Gurbani.< The filth of our bad actions is removed by listening and practising the teachings of the Guru. Sacred Music has an equally important place in our life, as it helps to preserve our heritage and reminds of our moral duties as Sikhs to live up to the high standards set by our forefathers.